Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The future of this blog...

After a burst of enthusiasm for this blog last year I've now let my focus drift over to my own site, In fact I decided to do a personal blog partly to consolidate the writing I was doing in a few different places. But as this blog has a modest but influential readership (at least one newspaper editor and a few people in top-notch consultancies) I wonder if there's life in it yet. However, a couple of things stop me writing more often:

  1. It takes a while to read, digest, summarise and then try to be witty about chunky bits of research or government strategy.
  2. Since Creative Britain recognised that the Creative Industries isn't something worth legislating about there seems to be a whole lot less to digest. Or have I just taken my eye off the ball?
So what are the options for this blog?
  1. Just ditch it - it had a brief moment that's now passed, pull the plug.
  2. Just ditch it and promise you all that the riches over at (RSS feed) are worth moving across to (as long you're okay with the occasional piece about my running).
  3. Reinvigorate it by calling for co-contributors, interspersing it with comment pieces as well as strategy summaries and hosting it somewhere a bit better than google blogs (would shift to self-hosted wordpress).
Any thoughts? What have you found useful about this blog and is there a way to take it forward?


Nick Booth said...

I have always admired this idea (not the fact that it's on blogger though) so before you ditch it I'd happily get around a coffee (or beer) table to see if we can revive it through a few folk collaborating.

Pete Ashton said...

Ditch it (but leave it here so inbound links don't break) and move posts to

Put them in "Strategy Digested" category which has it's own RSS feed. For example,

That way it's all contained in one place but people have an option to filter out the non-strategy stuff. Ang you might even do new ones.

(Category/tag RSS in WordPress is something folk often forget or are ignorant about - very powerful feature)