Thursday, 25 October 2007

Live Music Forum Findings and Recommendations - The Digested Read

Ladies and Gentleman for tonight's preformance we’ve been analysing the effect of the 2003 Licensing Act on the UK’s Live Music scene. It's taken us over three years to do it and we can tell you right here and now that....


Thank you very much and goodnight.

Oh hang on, we're not quite done yet. We actually made a total of 28 recommendations to government and got some corking case studies along the way. Here's our setlist for tonight:

  1. Sorry Blame it on Me
    The government promised an 'explosion' in live music on the back of this act. That was never going to happen but at least it hasn't been the death of live as many predicted.

  2. Music for Airports
    'Incidental' music doesn't require a licence but unfortunately the act fails to define what qualifies as 'incidental'. The test for incidental ("does the volume of the music disrupt or predominate over other activities?") is a bit of a nonsense but at least if you're a carol singer then you should be okay.

  3. Paranoid
    Some councils play really dirty, rejecting just about every request that comes their way. We so want to name names but we can't. There aren't many of them but that doesn't help if you happen to live in their borough.

  4. Just Say No
    Everything seems a bit too geared to objecting to a live music licence application. Nobody seems to realise you can speak in favour of an application as well as against it.

  5. Cum on Feel the Noize
    Councils, please stop and think about it before granting permission to build new residential property next to entertainment areas. No really, just stop and think for a minute - you're only creating extra hassle for yourself. In fact, just act on the guidance you already have.

  6. Atmosphere
    Okay so we've stopped crying into our real ales pots about the old two-in-a-bar rule but common sense suggests making non-amplified music exempt from needing to be licensed.

  7. Teenage Kicks
    The kids have gotta rehearse man, they're the future of live music and it keeps them off the streets. We set up a free rehearsal space in Wrexham and they came in their droves. Every town should have one.

This is our last ever gig as the lead singer is going solo but we'd just like to bow out with one final number:

  1. Three is the Magic Number
    Three is the number of other really useful bits of research that tell us (or will tell us) way more about live music and its economic impact than we've ever known before:

    Baseline study of the existing live music scene in England and Wales.
    Licensing Act 2003: the experience of smaller establishments in applying for live music authorisation.
    The 2007 Live Music Survey.
The digested read, digested: For Those About to Rock - We Salute You!

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